What We Value…

Loving & Caring For Others

The Word of God

Healing At The Point of Need

All Ages Learning & Growing in Jesus Christ

People who do not yet know Jesus Christ

Worship & Prayer


Intentional Pursuit Of A Relationship With God

The Presence Of God

Trustworthy Relationships

Serving In Ministry


We believe worship is a value and priority for every believer. Worship is an opportunity to prepare our hearts for the Word of God to take root. Our worship is contemporary, and we want the Holy Spirit to move as He wills.  We celebrate all attributes of the Trinity along with spiritual gifts (1 Corinthians 12:8-10).
Come with an open heart to meet with Jesus as we lift our voices together to worship our King!




The Word of God is a timeless and is a precious gift for our daily living. We believe and embrace the truth that the Holy Spirit breathed God’s Word into existence as a provision to know God and to partner in His will. Every service at Living Way is specifically focused to teach the Word of God in an understandable and applicable investment to build lives up!


God is a communicator! All prayer is truly a conversation with God. At Living Way, we value prayer and personal ministry. We have found that prayer is a vital tool in building strong disciples. There are many kinds of prayer in the Word of God. Learning and seeing these prayers in action is a vital part of our essential development and maturity in Jesus Christ.

man and a woman holding hands at a wooden table

Personal Ministry


Our growth in Jesus Christ is a very personal journey.  So much so, that He promised, “I will build my Church” (Matt 16:18). We offer personal ministry at the end of every service through Ministry team members who serve with sensitivity and care. These loved ones are there to connect with you and to connect you with God’s great love


At Living Way, we value people!
We have a wonderful team of all ages who volunteer for our Sunday services.
These amazing volunteers reflect the values and love of who we are as a Church.
We are so thankful for these gifted individuals who choose to serve!
They truly embody and reflect our bonding statement “Building Lives Up!”.